Their Blood Cries Out

Posted: June 18, 2015 in charleston, god stuff, justice
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It’s early and very few facts are in

In the past I’ve always waited until we had a clearer picture of the situation before commenting

But today, it is naive to hope the vacuum of restraint will not be exploited by multiple political agendas

So let me weigh in

We know- or at least I’m basing my comments on the assumption that we know this:

A young white man sat in a worship service with his victims for an hour

At some point he made racially charged statements and proceeded to kill 9 worshipers

The worshipers were African American, and the location was historically significant in African American religious and social history

He left one alive, so she could report what had happened

Assuming these are facts, let me say this

This young man is a domestic terrorist
This young man is a thug and a cold blooded murderer
This young man should be held to answer for his crimes
These crimes are so heinous, that if they took place on a field of battle, they would be actionable
These crimes are so heinous, that were they committed by a world leader, international law would require prosecution

That race is a component is reprehensible
That worship is a component is horrendous

How a man of 21 has had his mind poisoned to this degree should be investigated

Who has primed his thoughts with evil?

Who has twisted his psyche with aberrance?

We know this

Racism is taught as well as it is learned
Evil is planted before it takes root
Murder is dreamt before it is committed

And sanctuary is inviolate in a house of worship

May God have mercy on this young man’s soul
Because society must demand justice and recompense from his life

The victims’ families should not have to burden themselves with pleas for justice

Let them mourn
Let them grieve
Let them find solace in the midst of evil actions

But the rest of us

As society
Let us demand a heavy price for tearing at the fabric of society
for opening old wounds
for instilling anger and division
for choosing a path of infamy

Let us demand the price
Because our brothers and sisters who were horribly, violently, suddenly and without cause victimized

Well, their blood cries out for justice

And we either heed the call, without reservation

or we add the blood of nine more innocents to the stain on the soul of our nation





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