the knowledge of good and evil

Posted: March 13, 2016 in darkness, god stuff
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the thought crosses my mind and of course, that doesn’t make it right

but still

it crosses my mind and tickles the back of my brain like a bad tag in the collar of a t shirt
and it concerns the garden of eden

and the concept of original sin
and this is it
or these are they
for there is more than one thought here
. . .perhaps i over reach
one of the less satisfying things i have heard preachers say
and there is a whole list of them that should cause me more offense
but, being my self, in my personal brand of weirdness
one of the less satisfying things i have heard preachers say
is to bring down a load of self righteous false piety, about adam committing sin, and bringing consequences on all humanity
as if these bloviated buffet eating weebles could have survived their lives in perfect obedience to god
as if
but what pisses me off more, besides their provocation for me to say pisses instead of maybe ticks, is this
in the estimated 3.7 billion references to adam, eve, and original sin, i have never, not once heard any of them even hint at what i think is a core truth to the story
god told adam, do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
and the serpent went further
and said
if you do you will be like god
and i think the serpent told the truth here
knowledge of good and evil was reserved for god
who of course knew the difference
and those who rebelled against god (the serpent et al)
because they, through choosing evil, understood the difference from the other side of the coin
in eden, adam, and eve, knew only good
had the knowledge of good
and the knowledge of evil sounded so sexy, so edgy, so. . . cool
and we all do this
whether as rebellious teens, or 40 year old virgins, or little old ladies
we all need to know evil, in one form or another
to touch what shouldn’t be touched
to have what shouldn’t be had
to scratch the itch of that tag in the collar when it flicks along our sunburned neck
we feel incomplete without dabbling in evil
we think we can do it and not be changed
or if we admit it will change us, we believe the lie that it will make us like god
and in a very small way it does make us like god, in that we have usurped something that belongs rightfully only to him
but in a much larger way, it makes us so much more like the serpent
this dabbling in knowledge that we were to be protected from
and so i don’t blame adam or eve or anyone for my knowledge of good and evil
no one but myself
because if every person, until my birth had refused to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
in my heart, i know, i would have been found, cowering, aware of my nakedness, with the juice of the fruit of my sin running down my chin


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