Posted: April 10, 2016 in just because i wanted to write

i’ll paraphrase an aside from tolkein
this is the point in the story where he eas most afraid

and thus the part of the story he loved to tell most as he aged
i don’t remember what i had for dinner last tuesday

but i remember the hot goulash being served on bivouac in basic training at the end of a cold damp grey missouri winter day
i remember the carbs, the heat and the quantity

i remember my hands finally stopped shaking a few minutes after i ate it

it is a fond memory
memories come from experiences outside the norm
whether it is a vacation, or a hospital visit

memories are made when we experience something new, or when we experience something differently
i remember reporting to sick call one day with what would be diagnosed as shingles
the doctor asked me if i had any stress in my life

i replied, i just bought a car. . .but that’s good stress

he responded, you body doesn’t know good stress and bad stress

it just know stress
and stress is where memories come from

all your worst memories were born out of stress


all your best memories were too
that first kiss

that first birth

they share the same seed as

that first death

that first humiliation
stress creates bookmarks in our lives

they help us learn how to recreate good experiences

and how to avoid recreating bad experiences


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