just the same

Posted: August 27, 2016 in god stuff, just because i wanted to write


in the middle of the night

i awaken

and feel my head rise and lower with each breath

and hear more than feel his heartbeat in my ear

and slowly


become aware

that i am cradled in the arms of jesus

and without opening my eyes

i whisper almost imperceptibly

more like a thought on my breath

than words in my mouth


and i smile

more in my heart than on my face

‘jesus, how are you?’

and i hear a whisper

as quiet as a feather

but as ancient as the waves of the sea

infuse me, more than respond to me

and i hear

‘the same’




and then more quietly

like the words of lovers carried on exhalations directly into each others’ ears

‘the same’

and I find myself relaxing just a bit more in his arms

which surprises me because i thought i was already completely at rest

and i smile

and feel his chest rise and fall rhythmically

and hear his heartbeat in my ear

and i know peace


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