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i'm seldom lonely
i don't know why
maybe i've just gotten used to it
maybe it's because loneliness,
when it does come,
is usually accompanied by more pressing
but loneliness is seldom my primary foe


well i think i’m about done at bayside
for a while, i’ve felt like i needed to stay just to be the designated a##hole
but that role really tires me
i know i make it look easy, but it’s tiring


during the divorce people made some pretty harsh judgments about me

some were false

some were true

but no one judged me more harshly than i did
the upshot is this
when everyone condemns you
and deep inside, your response is
– ‘you don’t even know’
well, it’s ultimately very freeing


love your neighbor

Posted: June 15, 2015 in depression, god stuff, infp
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love your neighbor as you love yourself

. . .

i’m pretty sure my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate me doing that

. . .

just sayin’

i just get tired
of all the things
the pressures
the responsibilities
the grind

i just want
to walk away
to disappear
to melt into the landscape


small talk

Posted: April 29, 2015 in darkness, depression, infp
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small talk

i don’t particularly like it

i don’t do it well

i’m either awkward, or literal or both

in fact- last night a friend of mine asked me

‘how are you?’

you know

-how are you

-fine, you?


but because i’m very literal, and awkward, and . . .me

and because i can’t remember very many times in my life where ‘fine’ is the appropriate description of how i am

and because i knew she was really asking

this was my response

(perhaps this will give you pause before making small talk with me)




Posted: April 28, 2015 in darkness, depression, infp
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