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the thought crosses my mind and of course, that doesn’t make it right

but still

it crosses my mind and tickles the back of my brain like a bad tag in the collar of a t shirt
and it concerns the garden of eden



Fire in the belly

Posted: January 18, 2016 in god stuff
Leaders without passion physically nauseate me
People who say the right words, but only because they’ve heard or read them from someone else
We’ve all done it at some point
Repeated someone else’s passionate argument as if we believed, but were in reality simply trying it on like a new suit in a store
The bible refers to this type of behavior in a few places
David, when he was about to face Goliath was given Saul’s armor to put on
He ultimately refused t wear it because it was untested and didn’t fit
Indeed it didn’t fit
Why would you want the tools of one who was cowering, if you were about to exhibit bravery


well i think i’m about done at bayside
for a while, i’ve felt like i needed to stay just to be the designated a##hole
but that role really tires me
i know i make it look easy, but it’s tiring


It’s early and very few facts are in

In the past I’ve always waited until we had a clearer picture of the situation before commenting

But today, it is naive to hope the vacuum of restraint will not be exploited by multiple political agendas

So let me weigh in

We know- or at least I’m basing my comments on the assumption that we know this:

A young white man sat in a worship service with his victims for an hour

At some point he made racially charged statements and proceeded to kill 9 worshipers

The worshipers were African American, and the location was historically significant in African American religious and social history

He left one alive, so she could report what had happened

Assuming these are facts, let me say this


during the divorce people made some pretty harsh judgments about me

some were false

some were true

but no one judged me more harshly than i did
the upshot is this
when everyone condemns you
and deep inside, your response is
– ‘you don’t even know’
well, it’s ultimately very freeing


love your neighbor

Posted: June 15, 2015 in depression, god stuff, infp
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love your neighbor as you love yourself

. . .

i’m pretty sure my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate me doing that

. . .

just sayin’

it is finished

Posted: June 7, 2015 in darkness, god stuff
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remember that old saying

please be patient

god isn’t finished with me yet?


but what if he is

what if he’s absolutely, completely, washed his hands like pontius pilate, finished with me