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this was just a little exercise in playing word games with negatives
but i kinda like it
even though it’s sad

i took a walk today
along the wooded trail that has no trees

i looked through branches that were not there
past leaves that did not cover them

i stared at the cloudless sky
and imagined what shapes they didn’t look like




a parachute will never work if you jump from a third story window

you must fling yourself recklessly from great height

you may die

but there is less certainty in that

than if you try the half measure of a lower height

love recklessly


I don ‘t know if it’s a blessing or a curse
i don’t know if it’s a reflection of strength or weakness
i don’t know
there’s this woman
we used to date
it’s been years
we bump into each other a couple of times a year
she’s polite, but distant
i have no illusions about her
i live comfortably without her
on those occasions
and then i’m intoxicated


loneliness has a face

actually, for me,

loneliness has several faces

it depends on what type of loneliness i’m experiencing as to which face it has (more…)

the ex factor

Posted: December 31, 2014 in mid life, unrequited love
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when he met her, he realized he had never come across a person who needed to be loved so desperately in his life

and he thought it his job

like if you found a starving puppy, you’d give it food

he would take this angry shell, and give her love

he expected her to find comfort in the love

to find safety in the love

to find stability in the love he would give her

if she were loved purely enough, he reasoned, she would let the anger go, and become a healthier she


i’d caught a glimpse a time or two

i’d stumbled upon a crack in the wall that concealed

the wall itself was massive

stucco covered stone and brick that looked like it had been there since the beginning

the stucco had fallen in some areas

the brick and stone had given way in fewer spots

but somehow that didn’t make the wall look decayed or weaker

it made the wall look like it had survived stronger forces than i could wield
and it had not given way

the wall looked battle scarred

but formidable


I caught a glimpse of you this morning, hiding behind a familiar smell