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this was just a little exercise in playing word games with negatives
but i kinda like it
even though it’s sad

i took a walk today
along the wooded trail that has no trees

i looked through branches that were not there
past leaves that did not cover them

i stared at the cloudless sky
and imagined what shapes they didn’t look like




Show’s Over

Posted: August 30, 2014 in darkness, depression, word play
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When the final line is spoken
And the curtain calls are done
When the roses have been gifted
And the hugs and smiles are gone
In the shadow of a corner
With my knees pulled to my chest
I make passes at my loneliness
I seduce my emptiness (more…)

deja vu

Posted: July 24, 2014 in word play

i feel like i’ve already posted this. . .

it is

i think


in some dark sense

in some weird humor

that my craft

my art

my estate

is really

when all is said and done

just me

leaving stains

on paper


Pleasure me

this is a poem which i think i wrote

actually i think i dreamt it

but i can’t be sure

it’s possible i’ve plagiarized it, although i can not find it via google

if anyone recognizes it as someone else’s work , please let me know

i believe it to be the most succinct writing on this subject ever penned

i call it arrogance



i did one of those things where you send a sample of your writing and some computer tells you who you write like

i got shakespeare

so i wrote this. . .

When iambic pentameter was chic
And rhyming couplets popular’ty peaked
Then, words of plays were writ with plays on words
and humor varied from puns to absurd
The subject matter oft could be termed base
And royalty’s divine right was defaced